Zoran Lukic: The most important thing I could do was to be straight with my players

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Zoran Lukic talked about the Basketball Champions League, how Nizhny Novgorod and he himself handled the coronavirus outbreak, and how it may affect the future

By Stefan Djordjevic/ info@eurohoops.net

Nizhny Novgorod coach Zoran Lukic is aware that it will be hard to get back into rhythm if the season resumes but also noted that it wasn’t a hard decision to stop all activities:

“As a coach, the most important thing I could do was to be straight with my players, to listen to them and to understand them. The worse thing would be to try to tell them something like ‘listen, guys, it’s going to be ok’ because they are people with families to think about first, and players second,” Lukic told championsleague.basketball. “For our club, it was an easy decision to stop and of course, if the competition restarts, we will call our players back. Getting back into game rhythm will not be only my problem, every basketball team and every athlete in the world will have the same problem.”

He also added that the whole crisis might impact the future in a big way: “When this situation is over, we will deal with the consequences. Maybe our societies and our personalities will change so that we take the future of sport, of the economy, of the environment, of everything in a different direction”

The coach also commented on the competition this season in BCL and how it improved: “The BCL was better this year, the level of competition was higher, in my opinion, both teams and players developed from last season. But for me, the most important aspect of the BCL is that you qualify to play in this league based on your results. In sport, both clubs and national teams should play in a competition only if they have earned their qualification on the field.”

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