Tyrese Rice: It was an opportunity to go play one last time and then walk out

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Stefan Djordjevic

16/Oct/20 13:08


Tyrese Rice talked about the emotions and preparation for the Basketball Champions League Finale Eight with AEK, which might have been his last basketball stint

By Stefan Djordjevic / info@eurohoops.net

While not yet official, Tyrese Rice has been thinking about retiring and that was the way he approached the Basketball Champions League Final Eight with AEK in Athens.

“With this situation going on and my son having school online, I thought it was actually an opportunity to go and play in the last tournament, have a chance to win the last championship. For me, it was just to play in a last game, to go through the routine one last time, go to the locker room one more time, go to the court one more time, hear the buzzer sound. All that last game stuff and then walk out,” he told Swish Cultures after the tournament.

But it wasn’t easy going into it either, with knowing it could be the last one: “I try to stay in the moment. I really try to take it a day at a time now because the end is probably coming soon. Who knows what the future holds and what opportunities could come around but going into these games knowing they could be the last is a very difficult and bittersweet feeling.”

Rice has also started working on the future after basketball: “I’ve got a few plans, a few things I wanna do. I’m gonna go back and get my master’s in psychology. I’m actually working on that now.”

Photo Credit: Basketball Champions League