Basketball Champions League Round of 16 – Week 5 Preview

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Giannis Askounis

14/Mar/22 10:16

The penultimate week of the Basketball Champions League Round of 16 all but certain to produce the first Quarterfinals entries

By Johnny Askounis/

All seven Gameday 5 fixtures and one rescheduled Gameday 2 matchup shape this week’s schedule in the Basketball Champions League Round of 16. With all eight spots up for grabs, Plenty of teams will have the opportunity to confirm a spot in the quarterfinals of FIBA’s top European club continental competition.

Three games in Group I, including a couple of fixtures at home for MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. The German side will welcome Galatasaray Nef Monday and Hapoel U-NET Holon Wednesday aiming to clinch a berth in the Quarterfinals. The Turkish outfit will also visit JDA Dijon this week.

Lenovo Tenerife will advance to the next round via Group L, if it gets the job done on the road against Rytas Vilnius Tuesday. One day earlier, SIG Strasbourg will host Falco Szombathely with the winless Hungary champions on brink of elimination.

In Group K, Unicaja has the chance to progress along with Romania champion U-BT Cluj Napoca. A potential win at Versluys Dome Wednesday would eliminate Filou Oostende, thus punching in a ticket to the quarterfinals for the remaining two teams.

Effectively a three-team race in Group J as well. Baxi Manresa can clinch a berth for itself and Tofas Bursa with an away win opposite Darussafaka. Also on Wednesday, Tofas will host eliminated NutriBullet Treviso.

Basketball Champions League Week 5 schedule and standings:

Group I
MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg – Galatasaray Nef (14/3, 20:00 CET)
MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg – Hapoel U-NET Holon (16/3, 20:00 CET)
JDA Dijon – Galatasaray Nef (16/3, 20:30 CET)

1. JDA Dijon 6 (2-2)
2. Hapoel U-NET Holon 6 (2-2)
3. MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg 5 (2-1)
4. Galatasaray Nef 4 (1-2)

Group J
Darussafaka – Baxi Manresa (16/3, 18:00 CET)
Tofas Bursa – NutriBullet Treviso (16/3, 18:00 CET)

1. Tofas Bursa 7 (3-1)
2. Baxi Manresa 7 (3-1)
3. Darussafaka 6 (2-2)
4. x-NutriBullet Treviso 4 (0-4)

Group K
Filou Oostende – Unicaja (16/3, 20:00 CET)

1. Unicaja 5 (2-1)
2. U-BT Cluj Napoca 5 (2-1)
3. Filou Oostende 2 (0-2)
-. Prometey (withdrew from the competition)

Group L
SIG Strasbourg – Falco Szombathely (14/3, 20:00 CET)
Rytas Vilnius – Lenovo Tenerife (15/3, 18:30 CET)

1. Lenovo Tenerife 8 (4-0)
2. SIG Strasbourg 6 (2-2)
3. Rytas Vilnius 6 (2-2)
4. Falco Szombathely 4 (0-4)


-Top two teams of each group advance to the Quarterfinals

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