Kyle Wiltjer: For me, it’s very fun playing as a team in an unselfish system

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07/May/22 10:40

Coach Txus Vidorreta is meticulous when building up his system and Kyle Wiltjer is very happy with how unselfish and well it works – they will trust in it in the Basketball Champions League Final

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Lenovo Tenerife reached the Basketball Champions League Finals for the third time over the past six seasons and is looking to lift the trophy for the second time.

Coach Txus Vidorreta was the main protagonist of all the success of the club in BCL and the words of Kyle Wiltjer explain why his system works so well.

“It’s fantastic playing with a point guard like him (Marcelinho Huertas). He’s very unselfish but I think it’s very fun to play with our club because we don’t have just one player, we play very much as a team and our system is very unselfish. For me, it’s fun playing like that. As the coach said, we’re gonna use today to get back to work and prepare for Manresa. I think it just shows the strength of the ACB league, having two teams in the final,” Wiltjer noted.

Indeed, preparing for a game such as the Final of a European competition takes time and meticulous work but coach Vidorreta is also happy that he and his players get some spotlight via the press conferences and the contact with media.

“We need time to prepare the game. We were in a press conference twelve hours ago, we could not prepare anything. Then we need time to prepare but this is the time to be here, at the press conference, and we are very happy to be here because, in the last two editions, we weren’t present in any. For us, it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy,” he said.