Serious incidents between AEK and Reggio Emilia fans in Ano Liosia

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Cesare Milanti

07/Dec/22 18:55

Crazy scenes before the tip-off between AEK and Reggio Emilia in the 2022-23 Basketball Champions League

by Eurohoops Team/

AEK and Reggio Emilia’s clash in the 2022-23 Basketball Champions League was supposed to start at 18:30 CET, but it was delayed due to several incidents between the two teams’ fans.

As reported by ERA Sport, around 20-30 fans of the Greek team moved around the stadium with hoods and attacked a few Italian fans, who followed their team on the road.

When AEK fans entered the arena, they took fire extinguishers and threw their content to the Italians, with the atmosphere becoming suffocating. They then destroyed the accounting, grabbing pieces of wood and iron to attack the Reggio Emilia fans.

According to the first information, there are also wounded, probably among the Italians.

On the Italian team’s side, they were asking for help from AEK’s people at the time of the attack, threatening that if the unacceptable incident didn’t stop, they would have left the stadium, officially informing the FIBA.

The game eventually started, but the jump ball was held about 15 minutes later than expected because the parquet needed to be cleaned.

It should be noted that during the events the vast majority of the AEK fans condemned what happened between the two groups’ supporters.