Murcia’s general manager attacks BCL and Malaga

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Bojan Brezovac

28/Mar/23 17:58

Alejandro Gomez of UCAM Murcia CB has expressed his discomfort because of the treatment of his team

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UCAM Murcia CB held a press conference to present its junior team that will compete in the Youth Basketball Champions League. In it, the club GM Alejandro Gomez appeared, who, in addition to this competition, has expressed his complaints attacking both BCL and Unicaja Malaga.

Unicaja and last season’s finalist UCAM Murcia open up the Spanish battles in the BCL Quarter-Finals.

Unicaja reached the Quarter-Finals as the Group K winners. They went 10-2 in the Basketball Champions League this season, losing only to Dinamo BDS Sassari when they had already secured first place in the Regular Season, and to Galatasaray Nef in the Round of 16.

UCAM Murcia also has 10 wins this season, along with four defeats. They finished second in their Regular Season group, meaning they had to go through a play-in series in which they swept Pinar Karsiyaka in two games. Murcia then finished second in Group L of the Round of 16, and as a consequence, they don’t get homecourt advantage in the Quarter-Finals.

As Gomez said: “The moment has come in which now we are going to face Unicaja. If the Champions League is characterized by something, it is because the referees are from the home team. There are levels within the Champions League and in this status, Unicaja is different from the rest. Teams like us, Manresa or Breogán are less important“.

The general manager continued, along the same lines, assessing the draw for the quarterfinals in Europe, adding that “an important sponsor of the Champions League is Andalusia and I think the Champions League itself has negotiated that if Málaga qualifies, it will put the money of the canon to make the Final Four there. Their coach said that they are a superior team and, furthermore, they have the structure of a bench behind them. We bet on Ibón when he was relegated with Manresa and we appreciate him. All this makes us motivated. We will try to come out against all odds, with many things against us. Since nobody has given us anything, we will fight. We are not playing on equal terms in the Champions League“.