Lima: “The referee stole the game”

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Aris Barkas

05/May/18 00:04

Augusto Lima believes that Murcia was robbed in the Basketball Champions League semifinal and said it directly after the game.

By Antonis Stroggilakis/

Lima who moved towards one of the three referees after the end of the game explained what he thinks about him: “It’s the first time I have to point to a referee. It is clear what he has done to us. But well, we have the third and fourth place match and we have to win it because for us, it’s a matter of pride to be here. We have to congratulate everyone because we fought and we have done a good job. But, yes, he stole the game”.

Speaking about the tension after the end of the game, Lima presented his view of the incident: “I only went to complain to the referee and, the point guard, I don’t know who he is, I don’t know if he played, he touched me but I didn’t pay attention. Then, I was talking to the referee and the delegate came and started speaking in Spanish, instead of celebrating. They deserved to win, I just wanted to complain to the referee.  Two referees have whistled more or less well. There was one who wanted to take over the game. Ibon called a timeout, he came to tell us to come back to the court. The other, nothing. You can watch it”.

Murcia’s general director Alejandro Gomez added: “We have seen what happened with the refs level. It is difficult to win a game when there is so much pressure. We expected it but when it happens to you live, it is difficult to be prepared. If we want to be serious and make this competition better, the best team must win. You can’t do what they have done”.

Here are Lima’s quotes in Spanish.