Massimo Zanetti: I believe Virtus Bologna will continue in BCL

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Giannis Askounis

07/May/19 10:06

The owner of Segafredo Virtus Bologna, Massimo Zanetti, wants his team to defend the Basketball Champions League title and contend for the LBA Serie A Championship.

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Massimo Zanetti touched on various topics while interviewed by Andrea Tosi for Gazzetta dello Sport a few days after Segafredo Virtus Bologna won the Basketball Champions League. The owner of the Italian club, often called the “King of Coffee”, declared his interest for his team remaining in the BCL: “I believe we will continue playing in the Basketball Champions League in our 5,000-seated arena.”

Zanetti, 71, explained: “To enter EuroLeague we need an 8,000 to 10,000-seated arena that would allow us to grow in ticketing and sponsors. Also, building a EuroLeague team is very expensive. Look at Milan, they spent a lot of money, but haven’t won anything. We won our Cup.”

On the LBA Serie A, he stressed: “Certainly from next season the team will always contend for the Italian Championship. Everyone wants to see a final between Milan and Bologna. We’ll get there soon.”

He also commented on Sasha Djordjevic: “Without Djordjevic we wouldn’t reach the Final Four. We are now aiming to build a stronger Virtus for the next years. He will search the market for players compatible with our budget, which is yet to be defined.”

Photo Credit: Basketball Champions League