Basketball Champions League – Day 7 Preview

02/Dec/19 12:08 December 2, 2019

Giannis Askounis

02/Dec/19 12:08

Conclusion for the first half of Basketball Champions League’s round-robin Regular Season schedule.

By John Askounis/

Basketball Champions League Regular Season Gameday 7 action is set to unfold in 16 venues through Tuesday and Wednesday. Fresh off last week’s break, the 32 Regular Season teams will attempt to improve their situation before facing every group opponent for the second time at the opposite court between Round 8 to Round 14.

Iberostar Tenerife is the only remaining undefeated team, but still has a long way towards punching a playoffs ticket. The Spanish team and the rest of the field are looking towards postseason action and possibly securing a home-court advantage in the three-game series that will follow the group stage.

Below the preview of Gameday 7.