Zouros: I have no real explanation for what happened with Peristeri

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Giannis Askounis

09/Dec/19 14:43


Ilias Zouros certainly did not expect the way his stint with Peristeri winmasters was cut short.

By John Askounis/ info@eurohoops.net

Greek head coach, Ilias Zouros, expects to assume a head coaching role shortly after abruptly parting ways with Peristeri winmasters. In an interview with Walla! Sports, he confirmed talks with another Basketball Champions League team, UNET Holon, but predicted he will not take over the helm of the Israeli club at this time.

“I was not expecting them to tell me I was out” he said referring to the end of his tenure with Peristeri winmasters, “I have been doing this job for 34 years and this had not happened to me before. A couple of significant players were facing injuries, but we were on the right track. I have no real explanation for what happened. It remains a mystery to me. It would be hard for me to coach again in Greece.”

The issue on moving to Holon

“I was in contact with Holon last summer” he admitted, “We met and a good chemistry formed between us. Management decided to go with Sharon Drucker and I signed with Peristeri. Last week, after I parted ways with the Greek club, Holon contacted me again inquiring on my availability, but my understanding is that I will not join the team.”

“We did not even get to talk about money. I am convinced that was not the problem,” added Zouros, “The negotiations fell through because I wanted to bring in my own assistant who understands my tactics, I can trust and can take care of the squad while I am with the Georgian national team for the EuroBasket Qualifiers.”

“I set the same condition in my summer talks with Holon and was impressed with them accepting my term,” he recalled, “However, this time they disagreed. Midway through the season, they have to pay the departing coach and another team if they take in another coach. This can cost some money. However, the assistant coach’s job is important for me.”

“Holon is a big challenge I was happy to take on,” the 53-year-old head coach stressed, “I am impressed with the club’s growth and development attempting to move forward in Europe. The team is trying to do good things, but there is a budget to follow. This does not seem the right time for to me to come in.”

Next stop

“We last spoke four days ago, have not heard from them since,” said Zouros summing up Holon and without revealing the identity of interested teams followed up, “Meanwhile, two other teams approached me. I hope to complete a deal soon.”