Jorge Garbajosa warns about the “danger” of the closed league model

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Antigoni Zachari

22/Apr/21 18:39

The Spanish Federation president talked about the “dangers” of closed league models such as the one proposed by the Super League

By Eurohoops team /

Spanish Basketball Federation President Jorge Garbajosa recently spoke at a ceremony with the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and warned about the “potential dangers” the football Super League model and other closed leagues impose.

“I can repeat my opinion, I have been president for five years and I think the same about the potential or real dangers posed by these organizations”, stated Garbajosa, as adapted by Mundo Deportivo. “The other day I checked my personal newspaper collection, what I have said so far on this subject in these five years, and it represents to me what they are saying now”.

Additionally, Garbajosa mentioned that these days he has not spoken with either the Football Federation or the Spanish League representatives, though they have discussed the issue on several occasions.

“We have an extraordinary relationship with the Federation, with LaLiga, and with its presidents. It is a continuous relationship and it is true that we have repeatedly talked with LaLiga about this possibility because they are aware of the damage it has caused to basketball”, he added.