Basketball Federation of Ukraine calls for ban of Russian teams

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Giannis Askounis

25/Feb/22 16:19

Addressing FIBA leading executives, the Basketball Federation of Ukraine requests the ban of all Russian teams from international and club competitions

By Johnny Askounis/

In a letter to FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis, FIBA Europe president Turgay Demirel, and FIBA Executive Director Europe Kamil Novak, signed by the Basketball Federation of Ukraine president Mykhailo Brodskyi, FBU called to ban the participation of national teams and clubs of the Russian Federation in all FIBA competitions.

The governing body of basketball in Ukraine publicly shared the request on Friday.

“Dear colleagues,

At this very difficult time for Ukraine, the Basketball Federation of Ukraine appeals to FIBA, to all basketball clubs and the entire basketball community of the world from Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia declared war on Ukraine and invaded our country from all sides of its geographical borders and neighboring Belarus. Today our common task of Ukrainians is to protect our native land. However, now Ukraine is becoming a shield for the whole of Europe from the tyranny that the aggressor seeks to bring with his weapons!

We are deeply convinced that the representatives of the nation, that brought the war to Europe, have no place in any international sports competition that carries light principles. We urge you to ban the participation of national teams and clubs of the Russian Federation in absolutely all competitions under the auspices of FIBA and FIBA Europe.

And we ask all European basketball clubs and national teams to be in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and refrain from absolutely all basketball games with Russian clubs and national teams.

A country that has declared war has no place in the international sports community!”