Spain leads the FIBA Men’s World Ranking for the first time ever

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Cesare Milanti

18/Nov/22 14:53

The current World Cup and EuroBasket champions get the #1 spot in the FIBA Men’s World Ranking

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For the first time in history, the USA lost the #1 position in the FIBA Men’s World Ranking presented by Nike, with Spain overtaking them.

The 2019 World Cup and 2022 EuroBasket champions, coached by Sergio Scariolo, write history.

Australia maintains the 3rd spot and every national team until the 12th position, occupied by the Czech Republic, hasn’t moved since the previous update. Iran enters the top 20.

Sergio Scariolo commented on the news with kind words. “It is not exactly a new title and probably cannot be maintained for too long, but it is something so unique, prestigious, and historical that I am tremendously proud of all those who, from U12 to the Absolute, have contributed to it”, he said on Twitter.

The top 20 national teams in the FIBA Men’s World Ranking and their respective current points:

  1. Spain 758.6
  2. USA 757.5
  3. Australia 740.3
  4. Argentina 734.3
  5. France 0
  6. Serbia 710.9
  7. Slovenia 3
  8. Lithuania 669.5
  9. Greece 665.9
  10. Italy 646.6
  11. Germany 640.8
  12. Czech Republic 5
  13. Brazil 593.6
  14. Poland 591.3
  15. Canada 575.5
  16. Turkey 533.9
  17. Venezuela 524.8
  18. Montenegro 515.6
  19. Nigeria 460.1
  20. Iran 452.5

PHOTO CREDIT: EuroBasket 2022