Malik Rose on the Intercontinental Cup: “It’s a win-win”

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Cesare Milanti

14/Feb/23 15:11

The NBA Vice President of Basketball Operations talked about the 2023 FIBA Intercontinental Cup

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The 2023 FIBA Intercontinental Cup saw Lenovo Tenerife on top in front of its fans after beating US Monastir in the semifinal and Sao Paulo in the final, with the G-League team Rio Grande Valley Vipers which took home the bronze medal.

Among the spectators, there was also Malik Rose, a two-time NBA champion with the San Antonio Spurs and current NBA Vice President of Basketball Operations.

Talking to FIBA’s website, he had nothing but good words for this championship. “What surprised me the most is how far the game has gone since the last time I was here. They play like the American style of basketball, which is very exciting, fast-paced, up and down, with lots of three-pointers, and this crowd, man… this rivals any NBA crowd. A lot of energy, and it was a fun game to be around”, he initially said.

Then, he went on to talk about the G-League’s progress. “Like with any league, we’re trying to build our brand. We’re trying to grow the game of basketball on a global stage, any time we can go and showcase what our G-League players are doing, we think it’s a good thing. But I really think we have a double benefit”, Malik Rose added.

Finally, after awarding Bruno Fitipaldo the Intercontinental Cup MVP Award, he summed up the pros of this competition. “We have the G-League players showcasing what they can do, but then I get a chance to see some of these international players and they are really good. Getting a lot better. Just look around. It’s a sellout crowd, I see a lot of kids, and those are the next generations of players and they get to see good basketball like this. It’s a win-win”, the former Spurs player commented.

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