Timofey Mozgov: I hate the decision to play two qualifiers in the pre-season

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Dionysis Aravantinos

11/Aug/18 18:53


Timofey Mozgov does not like the World Cup qualifying schedule and how it mixes with the pre-season.

By Dionysis Aravantinos / info@eurohoops.net

In his recent blog for ‘Scorum.com‘, Timofey Mozgov talked about getting traded twice, while he did not expect it, but also shared his thoughts on the ‘FIBA windows.’

Mozgov, 32 got traded to the Charlotte Hornets at the end of June and at the start of July, he got traded a second time to the Orlando Magic. As he says, he did not expect it to happen: “Both were quite unexpected. I took the first one quite calmly. I was told I was going to Charlotte when I was away with the national team preparing for games against Belgium and France. We decided I play the two matches and go to the US for a medical examination at once. According to NBA rules, a player has to be checked by the medics within 48 hours, but an agreement with FIBA helped me to serve the international duty.”

“The day after France game I flew to Charlotte, underwent medical examination and came back. But when I got up, my wife told me: we are going to Orlando now. I was surprised for sure. A plane again? But I did not have to travel for the second time. Club’s general manager told me everything was fine. Why did the Charlotte Hornets trade me? This is hard to say; you cannot get inside the bosses’ minds. When I talked to them in the US, nothing hinted about a trade.”

In addition, Mozgov expressed his opinion on the new calendar, playing international games in the pre-season, stating his dislike: “I really hate the decision to play two international world championship qualifiers in the preseason. Maybe I am not to judge, but I think new calendar is a mess. During the season when you are fit and play regularly, this is normal. But when you are back from holidays and have just some days to get prepared…

No one was 100% ready. Neither us, nor the French, nor the Belgians. No one trained for a month; no one had 4 or 5 friendlies. Maybe just one — and there you are out to find for your national team.”