San Pablo Burgos looking for further international glory

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Giannis Askounis

06/Feb/21 15:34

Following the Basketball Champions League triumph, Hereda San Pablo Burgos sets its sights on the FIBA Intercontinental Cup

By Johnny Askounis/

Putting yourself on the map in any area of expertise is certainly and always a challenge. Hereda San Pablo Burgos has done a great job in recent months but looks far away from completing the task and calling it a day. The Basketball Champions League title holders will face their Basketball Champions League Americas counterparts, Quimsa, tonight, Saturday (22:00 CET), in a winner-takes-all FIBA Intercontinental Cup final at Buenos Aires.

The Spanish outlet representing a municipality of about 180,000 residents captured its first-ever title last September overcoming AEK in Athens in the Champions League final held in Athens. The 2019-20 season was completed late via a Final Eight in Greece due to the coronavirus pandemic halting action just before the scheduled launch of the quarterfinals.

The team led by Joan Penarroya with health safety remaining the top priority for all involved parties traveled to Argentina and will take on Quimsa. Apart from the traditional battle of totally different basketball approaches, Burgos aims for its second international title, which would also be the second overall in club history. Experienced guard, Alex Renfroe, will be out due to his knee injury.

On the other hand, Vitor Benite will be available. The Brazilian guard was actually crowned Intercontinental Champion back in 2014 attached to Flamengo. His team prevailed in a two-game series by an aggregate score, 156-146, over Maccabi Tel Aviv.

“First, it’s really amazing to be able to compete for a championship at this moment of the year, in this very particular season that we are living through,” he told FIBA.Basketball, “Second, it’s really big for me personally because if we win it’s going to be my second time after winning it the first time with Flamengo, it would be truly special.”

This will be the 30th edition of the Intercontinental Cup with the first dating back to 1965. Real Madrid has captured the championship five times making the most out of the eight titles ending up in Spain, most compared to any participating country. Burgos hopes to add to the winning tradition.

“It is a big tournament, you play against the champions of another continent so it’s always a really interesting image to see two different teams and two different cultures collide in a game, to see how we play the game in the Americas and how we play the game in Europe,” explained Benite, “To me it’s amazing and I think it means a lot to every player because it’s a trophy and it’s always big.”

Burgos is on the rise despite the pandemic affecting everything and everybody. Benite and teammates hope to deliver yet another international triumph to the team’s loyal supporters.

“It would be big for the city of Burgos because, like everybody, people here are going through a tough time now but the club is getting bigger, the team is playing well, so it would be great to gift them a happy moment, and there is nothing like winning a title when you play sports.” he mentioned.

Photo Credit: Basketball Champions League