AEK and Greece’s Dimitris Flionis: “Windows make us better”

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Cesare Milanti

28/Feb/23 18:37

Greek players talked after the FIBA World Cup European Qualifiers game against Latvia

By John Rammas /

In the last game of the 2023 FIBA World Cup European Qualifiers, Latvia managed to beat Greece after the Hellenic team had the upper hand over Serbia with an amazing performance by this young group of players.

After the loss, some of them talked about the situation of the national team and how these qualifying windows helped. “The windows help us become a better team. This whole process is a great motivation for us, individually and as a group, to be here during the year. It brings us relief and creates a different note. In general, all Greek players have a very competitive atmosphere and a noble rivalry, which creates good teams”, said AEK’s own Dimitris Flionis.

Panagiotis Kalaitzakis, who joined Panathinaikos with his twin Georgios, also talked about his recent experience with Greece. “As Greeks, we have proven in the past that we play with our heart and soul. We have the ability and will. For the past month and a half, I have had a lower back injury that is still bothering me now. I was quite behind. I wanted so much to come in and help. The fact that I was with the national team in front of so many people, was something incredible that motivated me”, he said.

Team captain Vasilis Mouratos talked about a dream he wishes to fulfill. “For me personally, it would be very important to be in the World Cup, either in the pre-selection or even more in the final selection of the team that will go there. It is a lifelong dream to be in a very big event with the national team. I think the same applies to all the guys who were here, they showed it on the field, they showed it with their will, I think it’s clear that we all look even higher for our presence in the national team”, he added.