German basketball federation confirmed the rift between Kleber and Schroder

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Aris Barkas

19/Jul/23 12:27

Max Kleber and Dennis Schroder have talked directly after publicly exchanging jabs but nothing changed

By Eurohoops team/

Max Kleber will not be part of the German national team with the German basketball federation admitting that efforts were made to bridge the gap with Dennis Schroder but with no results.

Kleber and Schroder even talked between them after the intervention of the federation, however, the bottom line remains the same.

Per the press release: DBB Vice President Armin Andres and national coach Gordon Herbert were at the GLOBL JAM with the U23 squad in Toronto/Canada at the time the statements were made. There they immediately spoke to Maximilian Kleber, who was also in Toronto, and also contacted Dennis Schröder. Co-captain Johannes Voigtmann also spoke to both of them. The final discussion then took place directly between Maximilian Kleber and Dennis Schröder. Everything has been clarified internally. Ultimately, Maximilian Kleber made the decision he expressed in his statement. There is nothing to add.

We can’t change anything about the situation now, but of course, we’re positive about the future. We will start the training camp in Bonn on July 31st, 2023 with a highly motivated team led by team captain Dennis Schröder and we are really looking forward to the friendly phase in Bonn, Berlin, Hamburg, and Abu Dhabi as well as to the World Cup 2023 in Okinawa/Japan.