Djordjevic: “We all have responsibility and professional obligation to the clubs that pay us”

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22/Nov/17 16:27

On a Friday night, Serbia will start their World Cup qualifiers by hosting Austria in Belgrade.

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Serbia is participating in Group G in the  FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Qualifications together with Austria, Georgia, and Germany.

“We all know what we can expect. We have a little time to prepare the team to play at a high level. We need support from our fans, especially our for young players who will have to carry a big load”, said coach Djordjevic to the press.

“We will play with the best available players at this moment. I said the same thing before the Eurobasket and I told to every player that they deserve to wear Serbian jersey”.

Serbia will miss a lot of important players, either from NBA or EuroLeague, the same case as with national teams and coach Sasa Djordjevic mentioned that this understand that the whole situation is difficult for them.

“These are problems of coaches and players. We all do have responsibility and professional obligation to clubs and people who pay us during the season. We are all stunned in the way that we don’t know how will all of this look,” Djordjevic added.