Jorge Garbajosa: “NBAers tell us they want to be in the national team”

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Alex Madrid

14/Mar/18 21:34

The Spanish national team expects some of its many NBAers to be present in the World Cup Qualifiers Window of June.

By Alex Madrid/

Spanish Basketball Federation president Jorge Garbajosa said that he expects at least some of the country’s NBAers to participate in the World Cup Qualifiers that will be held during June’s Window.

Garbajosa also discussed the conflict between FIBA and EuroLeague, commenting that “EuroLeague has a reluctance to solve it.”

Here’s what Garbajosa said during a press conference in light of the renewal of a sponsorship agreement between the Federation and VIPS.

On Spanish NBA players joining the national team for the World Cup Qualifiers in summer:

“We always talk to them and their agents as well as those of players who are in Europe, but abroad, like Sergio Rodríguez. It’s ‘new’ but they tell us they want to be in the national team. We’re in March and we’re talking about playing in June. There are three months left and with the current calendar and so many competitions, many things can happen. What is important is their predisposition. I wish them health and that they are all available so that the coach has a difficult job when it comes to selecting 12 players”.

“Ricky (Rubio) has already said that playing with the national team is a pride whether it’s in a Window or in a World Cup. We’ll analyze each case individually. Pau [Gasol], who is 16 years older than Juancho (Hernangomez) and it’s not the same. You have to analyze how each player is and others who are not in the NBA but have great potential. Scariolo will have a base of 30 or 40 players so it will be difficult to choose.”

On those who played in the Qualifiers who might lose their spot in the World Cup squad:

“Those who have come to the “Windows” have treated with closeness and sincerity. We haven’t deceived anyone. We won’t forget what they have done for Spanish basketball. We told them that those who earn it have options to be in the World Cup. But if Pau, who is the best player in our history, wants to be, he will be. It will be difficult to choose in search of the perfect balance “.

On the dispute between FIBA and EuroLeague:

“The solution can be very easy or very difficult. I can’t believe that on the same day there may be a game of the national team and a “Clásico”. It is not a calendar conflict, but the Euroleague’s reluctance to solve it. You can show a proposal 15 times, but if it is always the same… Bertomeu already said that there would be no agreement this year. It is difficult to find a solution when someone doesn’t want to negotiate anything. We want the best for the Spanish basketball. Not only for the best three teams. It’s not my competition, but the EuroLeague will find our opposition if they attack the interests of Spanish basketball. “