Luis Scola: “I really like the FIBA windows”

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Aris Barkas

04/Jul/18 16:54

Luis Scola turned out to be the biggest supporter of the revamped FIBA World Cup qualifiers.

By Aris Barkas/

Luis Scola is arguably the most established player who was present in all three FIBA windows and he fully supports the reform of the qualification to the FIBA World Cup.

“I really like the Windows process, I like this format with the teams playing home and road games”, said Scola. “I like the fact that there are national team games throughout the season. It’s really possitive for basketball”.

Like FIBA, Scola has accepted the fact that the NBA players – especially the stars – will be available only in the major tournaments. As the Argentinian who currently plays in China said: “The only real problem is the Euroleague players. I think we can survive without the NBA players, even if it is not the best situation. It is very difficult for NBA players to come and spend 6-7 weeks each year with their national team. With this format, a very long tournament is created and a major tournament is removed every four year, giving a free summer every four years. What is happening with the EuroLeague is a real shame because they destroy everything by reducing the level. Once this problem is solved, the Windows will be an excellent format that I not only prefer, but I also love. If, of course, we are capable of making those players compete”.

Here are the full quotes of Scola in Spanish.