Dusko Vujosevic to undergo kidney transplant

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Stefan Djordjevic

26/Jul/18 16:20


Dusko Vujosevic won’t be able to lead the Bosnian national team due to the health complications.

By Stefan Djordjevic/ info@eurohoops.net

Bosnia and Herzegovina boss Dusko Vujosevic informed the public that he will undergo a kidney transplant process starting 30th of July and that he won’t be able to lead the national team in September World Cup Qualifiers.

The announcement made by coach Vujosevic is as follows, per Bosnian media:

“I inform the public that yesterday I received information that the process of transplanting one kidney into my organism will begin at a specialized institution in Istanbul on 30th of July this year. For the sake of truth, on July 30, tests will begin on which results it depends whether the transplantation will happen.”

I have been waiting for this operation for a long time, and since I am aware of the complexity of the whole situation, I want it to be known that this operation can’t be delayed but also that the fact that it coincides with the final phase of qualifications for the World Cup doesn’t make me calm.

For that reason, I want the leadership of the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take on the management of the team during my hospital absence and the period of rehabilitation.

I expect the players to essentially, and not declaratively, mobilize for the upcoming games.

For this mobilization, the first step is to answer the call to play for the national team. I expect them to show loyalty to basketball with their actions, and to give patriotic statements only when they have responded to the invitation and came to the training camp.

Since I am fully aware of the uncertainty of the outcome of the examinations and the operational procedure, as well as the length of the postoperative recovery, to the people who lead the Federation, I propose that in the interest of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team at this moment, and according to their beliefs and responsibilities, make decisions about the further strategy and in accordance with it personnel solutions.”