Pierre Oriola: “The players want to be everywhere, but they have to choose”

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10/Sep/18 20:46


A few days before the September games of the FIBA World Cup windows, Pierre Oriola joined the list of critics of the schedule, that interferes with the teams’ preparation.

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Speaking to Mundo Deportivo, Pierre Oriola, who joined the Spanish selection after just having played a game with Barcelona on Sunday, shares his thoughts about the World Cup windows: “In the end, the players are almost always harmed. I’m not saying it’s the club’s or the NT’s fault, the windows have been set and that’s it. The players want to be everywhere, with the NT and with our club. During the year it is impossible to choose, you have to be with your team because the competition doesn’t stop. But now, in moments like these, in preseason situation, we want to be with the national team.”

The Barcelona player thinks there are solutions to the problem, though they cannot rely on the players: “There are surely many [solutions]. Since the windows were not disputed, the Euroleague could stop a bit like the Eurocup and the Champions of the FIBA so that the players could go, I do not know. But the windows have to be played and the Euroleague does not stop. It is what it is, you have to accept it and try to go when you can”, he explains.

It’s a war between them and I can not comment there. I would like it to be resolved in order to be with the team and with the NT team always. But this is not the case and you have to choose”, Oriola concludes.