ABP calls for involvement of players in the calendar

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The Spanish Players Association calls FIBA and EuroLeague to take players into consideration in regards of the schedule.

By Antigoni Zachari / info@eurohoops.net

ABP (Asociacion de baloncetistas professional – Spanish Players’ Association) has released a statement on its Twitter account, addressing the FIBA windows.

The association calls for the players and fans to be taken into consideration by FIBA and Euroleague and even proposes solutions to this never-ending conflict.

The statement reads:

“The conflict of calendars leads the players to have to decide between their clubs and national teams. This situation, in addition to being unfair to the players, will turn against FIBA. How have the calendars been decided? Each organization has decided its own calendars. FIBA changed the competition system. EuroLeague, knowing these dates, scheduled its games. The players, the main protagonists of the sport, were never counted on to participate in the design of the calendars. This lack of coordination hurts everyone, but especially players and fans.

What does the ABP request? That the players participate in the meetings to design the calendar. Injuries, contractual problems, the interest of the games and the attention of the fans are issues that are at stake and the players wish to be taken into account.”

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