Bojan Bogdanovic: “I hope we are going to play in the FIBA World Cup but it’s going to be tough”

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Aris Barkas

10/Dec/18 16:16

Bojan Bogdanovic hopes that the Croatian national team will be part of the upcoming FIBA World Cup and will not be the victim of one more upset.

By George Efkarpidis/

“I have the trust of my teammates and you can say that I am having my best season yet”. The Pacers are currently fourth in the East, Bojan Bogdanovic is averaging 16.4 ppg so far and would love to see this success also transfered to the Croatian national team.

However, both he and Dario Saric have to wait until February in order to know if their national team – without them – can secure a spot in the FIBA World Cup in China. Croatia is currently fifth in the Group J of the European qualifiers with a 4-6 record and their qualification chances are not looking great.

That’s why Bogdanovic is not thinking about China yet. “We are far away from that tournament”, he admits and here’s what he had to say the World Cup and the qualifying windows.