Cedi Osman: I’m excited for the game against USA

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Giannis Askounis

20/Apr/19 09:53


The 2019 FIBA World Cup and the match against USA are on Cedi Osman’s mind.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Cedi Osman watched Game 2 of the EuroLeague playoffs series between Anadolu Efes and FC Barcelona Lassa. His former team suffered a home defeat, which knotted the best-of-five series at one apiece. Despite the loss, the 24-year-old wing of the Cleveland Cavaliers remains optimistic on Efes advancing to the Final Four. Interviewed by beIN SPORTS Turkiye, Osman also talked about the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

“We all are definitely looking forward to the World Cup. I’m really very impatient. I’m already thinking about training. I’m thinking about where to play basketball. I walk around my house. I’m bored” he admitted and added: “I had a very tough season and I need to rest. I will be ready when the National Team needs me. I’m consistently dreaming of the World Cup. It will be a big tournament for everyone. I’m excited for the game against USA.”

On Efes’ loss and the rest of the playoffs series, he said: “It was a truly amazing atmosphere. I believe Anadolu Efes played good basketball, especially in the third quarter. However, Barcelona managed to finish the period in the lead, which was a turning point. We produced offensive options, sometimes were successful other times not. Barcelona always had an answer. Unfortunately we lost.

I trust Ergin Ataman and his team. I know the series will come back here and that Anadolu Efes will advance to the Final Four winning Game 5. Two tough away games follow. Both teams are tired, but have time to rest. I’m sure Efes will be well prepared. The club lost the away game in the regular season, but was ahead in the first half. I think Efes is a better team and I know the players will do their best.”

In conclusion, he compared players transferring from NCAA, EuroLeague and NBA to other leagues: “EuroLeague and NBA have very different cultures. The atmosphere and the fans here are very different. I believe its easier to move from Europe to the NBA than from college to the EuroLeague. I have the pluses from playing in EuroLeague. I started there with the experience I gained here. So I had no difficulty adapting to the NBA. It’s easier to move to the NBA from Europe.”