Timofey Mozgov: The treatment of my injury was not quite correct

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Stefan Djordjevic

02/Aug/19 19:17


Mozgov cast some doubt on the initial diagnosis of his knee injury and confirmed he won’t join the Russian national team’s training camp

By Stefan Djordjevic/ info@eurohoops.net

Timofey Mozgov missed the 2018-19 NBA season due to knee trauma and after his return to Europe and Khimki Moscow revealed that his injury might not have been treated the best way possible:

“There is some progress in my knee injury recovery, although not as speedy as it should be since it is an old-time trauma. I don’t want to make wrongful accusations in regard to American doctors, but their treatment of my injury was not quite correct. It seems to me at the moment that they have been treating me based on a wrong diagnosis. Nothing terrible has happened, but the injury has aggravated as the time went by”, Mozgov told TASS.

The 33-year-old also confirmed that he won’t be joining the national team’s training camp: “I will not be joining the national team for the training session as I am unable to fully recover physically. However, I have enough time, or even more, before the start of the season. Nobody is hurrying me for the time being since Khimki needs to see me healthy playing for the club.”