The Bulls unite Satoransky and Felicio

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Aris Barkas

06/Sep/19 12:51

The soon-to-be teammate in Chicago will have the face each other in a crucial FIBA World Cup duel between Brazil and the Czech Republic

By Aris Barkas/

SHENZΗEN – With a win over the Czech Republic the veterans of Brazil will be able to think about next summer and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Meanwhile, the Czechs after pushing Turkey our of the second round don’t have anything to be fearful of.

And in the middle of this game, two Chicago Bulls players will be opponents. On one side, Czech leader Tomas Satoransky is the de facto best player of his team. And on the other hand, big man Cristiano Felicio is a solid unit under the basket.

Whoever wins will make a step towards the quarterfinals, who in Brazil’s case may be enough even for a ticket to Rio. And on a personal level, the winner gets bragging rights for the upcoming season in Chicago.

Felicio, however, had only good things to say about Satoransky, who is also expected to have a crucial role in Chicago.

“He is a player we need, he is going to bring a lot of energy and a lot of experience, and that for sure is going to help us,” he explained. “Yes, we need a guy with his playmaking ability, his court vision. He can take a lot of shots too, and in the day he will not be able to pass, he will be able to finish. It will be a great addition for us”.

Satoransky has the same role in the Czech national team, and that’s why he is a critical target in tomorrow’s game for Felicio and his teammates. “We think he is the heart of the team, most of the plays go through him, and if we cover him well, tomorrow we will have the chance to win the game. We have to forget our good results in the first round, starting tomorrow we have to play hard”, the Brazilian center said.