Lithuania’s Dainius Adomaitis furious with referees: This is a f-king joke

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07/Sep/19 17:48

Lithuania filed a protest for the end of the game against France and coach Dainius Adomaitis was furious at the press conference

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Lithuania made a big comeback against France in the Second Round of FIBA World Cup but couldn’t seal it with a win in the end.

There were a couple of hard calls for referees in crunch time that didn’t go Lithuania’s way and they filed a protest after the game, according to Donatas Urbonas. FIBA’s decision is expected on Sunday morning (September 8).

The main reason for this was a non-call on Rudy Gobert’s interference with the ball – and the rim – after Jonas Valanciunas’ free throw to tie the game with 30 seconds left:

Lithuania’s coach Dainius Adomaitis also reacted emotionally and harshly at the press conference:

“Yes, ask questions for FIBA. Ask them. Why are you asking me about such refereeing? It’s the second game in a row, first against Australia we play rugby then second game we can’t play even with contact… This is a f-king joke! This isn’t basketball, it’s not a system. For what they have this VAR system? You don’t need to be smart, you need to be honest. Stop the game, go watch what has happened. These guys spend all summer, two months without families, receiving zero dollars, euros. Biggest respect for them but somebody doesn’t respect this game. This is a f-king joke!”, the coach said and ‘released his anger’ at the table.

Take a look Jonas Valanciunas and Adomaitis’ reactions at the press conference: