These are the World Cup Group K qualification scenarios

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Antonis Stroggylakis

08/Sep/19 23:28

There’s even a scenario in which Team USA is eliminated.

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The first two World Cup quarterfinals pairings were confirmed in Day 9 of the tournament. Two more are remaining and will be determined in the last round of the second stage of the tournament Monday (9/9).

Group K is the only Group where there the race for the quarterfinals is still open for all teams. While Team USA and Brazil lead the way so far with a 4-0 record against Czech Republic’s 3-1 and Greece’s 2-2, there are a couple of scenarios that eliminate them.

And yes, there is a possibility that even Team USA is left out.


  • If USA and Czech Republic win: USA and Czech Republic qualify;
  • If USA and Greece win:
    • Greece win by up to 11 points: USA and Czech Republic qualify;
    • Greece win by 12 points or more: USA and Greece qualify;
  • If Brazil and Czech Republic win:
    • Brazil win by 21 points or less: USA and Czech Republic qualify;
    • Brazil win by 22 points or more: Brazil and Czech Republic qualify;
  • If Brazil and Greece win: Brazil and USA qualify.

Meanwhile, in Group L, there will be a battle regarding which team will finish at the top spot between France and Australia. Whichever team prevails in the match, advances to the quarterfinals as the Group winner and will face the second-placed team of Group K.