Luis Scola: This was far from a miracle, we deserve to be here

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Stefan Djordjevic

10/Sep/19 17:50

Luis Scola made it very clear that the Argentinian team has been playing good basketball and it shouldn’t be a surprise they made it past Serbia to the FIBA World Cup semifinals

By Aris Barkas/

DONGGUAN – Serbia was one of the main favorites to go all the way in the 2019 FIBA World Cup but Argentina led by Luis Scola and Facundo Campazzo stopped them at the quarterfinals.

And if you ask Scola, this can’t be considered a surprise.

“It bothers me that people just keep talking about a miracle, about a surprise, nobody believed in Argentina. I’ll tell you, there were 22 people that believed for two months that we’ll be here. That’s all we need, just 22 people. This is far from a miracle, we are a good basketball team, we play great basketball all week long. We deserved to be here and I don’t accept questions about miracles”, he said.

Here’s what Scola had to say after the win over Serbia: