Sergio Hernandez: We won the silver, we didn’t lose the gold

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Stefan Djordjevic

15/Sep/19 17:36

Argentina’s Sergio Hernandez and Nicolas Laprovittola may have lost the FIBA World Cup Final but still consider themselves winners

By Eurohoops team/

Argentina played a great FIBA World Cup tournament but they couldn’t get past Spain for the gold medal. However, coach Sergio Hernandez looks at this only positively:

“This is different than the rest of the tournament. We played a great tournament, we beat everybody – France, Serbia Russia – a lot of top ten teams and playing very very well so I would forget quickly the Final game. For me, we won the silver, we didn’t lose the gold medal. I feel very happy and proud of my players. They are the best players in the world,” he said.

Nicolas Laprovittola noted that he and his squad came to show Argentina to the world and they succeeded: “We came here to China to show the world our game, so the people would know who is Argentina. Nobody put money on us in this tournament and we played the Final, we get the silver. Now, we make a couple of steps forward and we will be back together to get another medal, for sure.”

Coach Hernandez also talked about the game itself, giving all the credit to his opponent: “Spain played definitely great, better than us and their tactics were perfect as was their execution. They have great players with a lot of experience, a longer rotation than us and they were really better than Argentina. We tried, no excuses. We were not tired, we were not satisfied because we play this Final game, we wanted to win but this is basketball. If you play better than the other team you win, that’s it and Spain was really the best team today.”