Scariolo: I had a good feeling, I saw them concerned and respecting the opponent

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Stefan Djordjevic

15/Sep/19 18:25

Spain’s Sergio Scariolo has been very grateful for the chance to coach Spain once again and proud of his players every step of the way

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Coach Sergio Scariolo led Spain to its second FIBA World Cup gold and he had a good feeling it would be so before the final clash against Argentina:

“Thanks to my players. They were great since day one to tonight. I had a good feeling before this game. I saw them concerned and respecting the opponent and this opponent deserved all our respect. They are so fierce competitors, they are great players, great coaching staff, they had a great championship as did we. My thanksgiving should go to my coaching staff, medical staff, to my team – the Raptors – for allowing me to be here, to keep coaching this unbelievable team as well as to the Federation which allowed me to go to the NBA.”

Not only does he think his squad deserved the win tonight but also every win in the tournament as they showed great character: “I can only be proud of what these guys did and feel that basketball was fair to these guys. We weren’t the tallest, the most talented we weren’t in the odds when the competitions started but we worked hard. They worked hard, they prepared, they kept fighting in tough moments. There were some really tough moments during a couple of games and they didn’t lose faith in themselves. And then basketball rewarded them with this big award which they fully deserve.”

Scariolo also spoke a bit about Team USA and he believes this will just give them extra motivation to come back stronger next year: “I have tremendous respect for what Team USA represents. Now people are having fun and are disrespecting but I don’t agree at all. I mean, we have to be thankful to American basketball, to the NBA, to all those people who are leading basketball all over the world. Now, in this competition, probably they didn’t fulfill what everybody was expecting but let’s show our respect. I can only say that it’s an honor to be above them in the final ranking but I expect them so strong next year,” the coach noted.