Luis Scola: “The best basketball in the tournament was played by Spain”

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Stefan Djordjevic

15/Sep/19 19:31

Luis Scola noted that Argentina had a great tournament and congratulated Spain for outplaying them in the FIBA World Cup Final

By Dionysis Aravantinos/

BEIJING – Argentina couldn’t get past Spain in the FIBA World Cup Final and had to ‘settle’ for a silver medal. Luis Scola felt down after the game while talking to the press: “The first thing we have to do is congratulate Spain. They were better than us, they played better basketball. We were desperate, we didn’t find an answer for what they did. We’re sad, it’s a bad time. We really believed we were going to win today. It is a hard time for the team.”

However, he realized while talking that they have done a lot and shouldn’t feel disappointed: “You want to push the team so that they think they are the best, that they are going to be champions and that they will win every game. We have to impose on our heads that we are going to win every game we are going to play. That feeling is what allows you to have a chance to win. Actually, there is nothing to be sad about. We had two spectacular weeks. We played the best basketball of the tournament until today. Today we didn’t. Spain played much better than us and therefore, the best basketball in the tournament was played by Spain.”