Greek League teams call for season cancelation

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23/Mar/20 17:35

Greek League teams call for the cancelation of the season, the State will now have the final say.

By Kostas Giataganas /

Greek League teams held a teleconference with league officials on Monday to discuss the future of the 2019-20 season that has been suspended until March 30 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

With a complete lockdown issued by the Greek State that started on Monday morning, Greek Basket League President Vaggelis Galatsopoulos brought the season cancelation to the table, endorsed by Panathinaikos and AEK representatives.

Later on, the league issued a statement in which it is stated that all parts unanimously decided to propose the cancelation of the championship and to work with the Greek Basketball Federation in order to request the Deputy Minister of Sport to definitely shut down the league to force majeure. Apart from the league cancelation, possible promotions and relegations will have to be decided as well.

Despite teams agreeing on the cancelation of the tournament, the Greek Players Union reacted with another announcement, in which players call for the league to continue at some point “even if games have to be played in June or July”.