Steve Burtt Jr: Ionikos didn’t pay owed money, upper management are thieves

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17/Sep/20 16:54

Steve Burtt Jr decided to publicly express his dissatisfaction and unpleasant experience with Ionikos Nikaias’ upper management

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Steve Burtt Jr played 13 games last season for Ionikos Nikaias BC, averaging 18 points, before moving to Argentina for Gimnasia y Esgrima.

However, although moving on from the Greek club, the 36-year-old American guard wasn’t paid the owed money by the club and he decided to publicly explain the situation as well as warn the players who could find themselves in the same spot in the future.

Steve Burtt Jr’s statement via Facebook in full:

“Hey guys, look I don’t ever do this but I feel I have no other choice. I am writing just to inform everyone that Ionikos basketball club in Greece first division didn’t pay any of the money they owed to me or any of the other foreign players on the team. At the same time, the owner has crypto coin in the stock market and still takes money from his players. This club has shown no regard for the players well being, personal lives, and situations, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Ionikos (upper management) is a crooked organization who just uses players and steals from them. The new players will be victims just like last years’.

We have written to both the owner & GM, who have ignored us and lied to us since February, when we’ve shown nothing but professionalism and patience!

With that being said this isn’t about any players, or lower level employees who I have genuine love for and wish the best!! Ionikos upper management are thieves and liars.”