AEK trying to convince Andy Rautins to return to action

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Aris Barkas

05/Jan/22 22:20

The Greek club has very few options due to FIBA bans and Rautins who retired two years ago, may be one of them

By Aris Barkas/

Andy Rautins signed with Panathinaikos on the 10th of January of 2020, he stayed in Athens Greece almost for two months and that was considered the last stop of his basketball career.

However, two years later, the 35-years old sharpshooter has the chance to return to Greece, this time for AEK.

Rautins, who served in the meantime as the assistant general manager of the Ottawa BlackJacks of the Canadian pro-League CEBL has a still-active FIBA athlete license which is still in the offices of the Greek basketball federation.

That’s the key detail on the possible deal. The former player of the Knicks was a player of AEK’s head coach Stefanos Dedas, back in 2018 in Bahçeşehir Basketbol and they still have a personal relationship.

Meanwhile, AEK has been banned by FIBA from international transfers due to past debts. However, with the license of Rautins still in Greece and no need of a letter of clearance, AEK can complete the deal and use him in the Greek league.

Of course, that can happen only in Rautins accepts the offer, travels to Greece and prove that he can still contribute on a relative high level despite not playing professionally for the past season.