Olympiacos asked the resignation of the Greek central refereeing committee

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Aris Barkas

30/May/18 12:52


The Greek league finals start on Sunday, but the tension is already high with Olympiacos asking the resignation of the central refereeing committee.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

According to recent reports, first published in “Gazzetta.gr“, Stelios Simeonidis junior, a FIBA referee, is the owner of a franchise coffee shop which belongs to the company owned by the major shareholder of Promitheas Patras.

Promitheas is the team that Olympiacos beat in the semifinals. Meanwhile, Stelios Simeonidis senior, the father of the referee in question, is also a former referee and longtime member of the central refereeing committee, in which he acts as the president.

Olympiacos issued a press release “in light of the recent publications” asking for the resignation of Stelios Simeonidis senior and all the other members of the central refereeing committee and also the immediate ban of Stelios Simeonidis junior from the Greek League and FIBA competitions.

The text ends with Olympiacos notifying that the club is willing to take legal action.