Panathinaikos forfeits the game against Kimi

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Stefan Djordjevic

08/May/19 17:41

Kimi recorded a 20-0 win due to Panathinaikos forfeiting the game as a sign of protest.

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Panathinaikos announced earlier today (8/5) its withdrawal from action in the Greek League as a protest starting with today’s game against Kimi and they came through with it.

Referees gave Kimi the 20-0 win after the opposing squad didn’t show for the game 20 minutes after the scheduled start. PAO will be sanctioned with -6 points at the standings and an € 8,000 fine.

Panathinaikos protests to the referee change in Olympiacos’ game against Promitheas Patras. As it was made known earlier in the day, referee Panagiotis Anastopoulos was replaced after his own request to the Referee Union and Greek Basketball Federation.

Olympiacos would have forfeited the game in case of Anastopoulos officiating and would have been automatically relegated to the second division of Greece. However, due to the change, Olympiacos decided to play the game normally.