Malcolm Delaney on Eurohoops’ IG Lockdown: I can see myself in Barcelona for many years

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27/Apr/20 21:05

Malcolm Delaney joined Eurohoops’ IG Lockdown and talked about his future with Barcelona, the NBA, and shared a crazy story with coach Bartzokas in Lokomotiv, among other things.

By Dionysis Aravantinos /

Malcolm Delaney was the latest guest of Eurohoops’ IG Lockdown and opened up about various topics around his career so far. From his time in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks to moving to Europe, playing for Giorgos Bartzokas in Lokomotiv Kuban, and what the future holds for him with Barcelona.

Delaney first commented on Barcelona’s performance prior to the season being halted and expressed his desire to possibly remain in the team for many years. “We weren’t playing at 100% with Barcelona but if we got to 90% or 95% nobody could beat us in a playoffs series”, he mentioned.

“Up until now, we are not at a point for an opt-out”, he told of his current contract with the club. “I’m not in a rush. If we can reach a deal, Barcelona is a team I can see myself in for many years”.

“When I was with the Hawks, they simply didn’t want to win. There was interest from Houston for a trade, but it didn’t happen. When I left Europe for Atlanta, I took a pay cut. I had crazy offers”, he said.

Delaney then opened up about a previously untold story during his time in Lokomotiv, and how coach Bartzokas turned things around and made him stay, despite being told that they couldn’t cover up for his contact and didn’t want to make changes in their budget.

“Soon as I arrived in Russia they told me they didn’t have the money for my contract. I had a deal with the Shanghai Sharks in China. He called me and asked, “why do you wanna leave, I came because of you”. Then I told him “Oh they didn’t tell you?” and he was like “no”. Then he said, “listen give me two hours, don’t make any decisions, don’t sign any contracts, just be patient. He went to the GM and the board and told them “if you let Malcolm leave I’m leaving too”.

Delaney has always been on the radar of many European clubs, while he added that he got offers from Galatasaray, Lokomotiv, and Olympiacos after his season in Bayern. He mentioned that he was more likely to move to Galatasaray. “Coach Ataman even wanted to give me a Turkish passport”, added the Barcelona guard.