Jackson: “We are the best French NT ever”

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Aris Barkas

04/Jan/15 18:13


The year just gone was dreamy for Edwin Jackson as he was the top scorer of the French league; took part with the national team of France in the World Cup and moved to Barcelona. He talks on Eurohoops about his future awaiting for the Eurobasket 2015

By Stathis Trapezanlidis/ info@eurohoops.net

The year just gone was dreamy for Edwin Jackson as he was the top scorer of the French league (LNB PRO A) with ASVEL Lyon Villeurbanne. After that he took part with the national team of France in the World Cup in Spain and he won the bronze medal. Additionally, his transfer to Barcelona the last days of the year was the best that could happen to him. This is a great opportunity for him to play at the highest level and to further increase the chances of being part of the French National Team this September in Eurobasket 2015.

Eurohoops met him in Berlin and despite the defeat of his team at the Euroleague Top 16 premiere he didn’t refuse to talk to us about the new challenge in his career and the French National Team, which will host -as European champion- the Eurobasket 2015.

“Barcelona is a new challenge for me, a new environment with new rules. I try to be adapted quickly and to learn as fast as I can. So I do my best to help my team to achieve its goals” he said at the beginning.

Asked whether it is easy to be adapted to his new responsibilities in Barcelona playing less minutes and making fewer shots, Edwin Jackson told us that “It is not so difficult because I have the same role in the national team. The coach tells me to be aggressive on the court, playing defense of course and getting the free shots I have to take. Generally there is no particular limitation, the coach asks me to continue playing in the same way”.

The French scorer, who won the award of the most improved player of the league in 2013 and this one of the best French player of league the same season, was a member of all the youth French National Teams winning the gold medal at the European Championship U18 in 2006, the bronze medal at the World Championship U19 in 2007 and the silver medal at the European Championship U20 in 2009!

EuroBasket 2015 will take place in France and Jackson -like any other French player- wants to be part of this great challenge for his National Team…

“Everyone would like to participate in this tournament; it will be a difficult choice for the coach. We all work hard to be in the National Team, there are a lot of good guards. It is very gratifying that we will play in front of our fans. If I am selected I will be very happy and I will give everything for my team, if not then I will support my team at home”.

Regard to the statement of Boris Diaw on Eurohoops that France -as the last European champion- is the favorite for the repeat he says:

“I agree. We play in front of our fans and we are a very good team. We have probably the best team we have ever had, so it is reasonable to have high expectations both we and our fans, who are going to come to watch the tournament and expect the gold. But everything is unpredictable; we saw what happened with Spain in the World Cup. Sometimes being a host doesn’t mean anything”.

When we asked him if we can expect in the future being so great like in his years in the youth national teams he added “I feel very proud when I represent my country. I always want to give my best; I hope to continue do the same for even more years in the best possible way”.