“Watching the TV drives me crazy”

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Aris Barkas

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After a road win against Fenerbahce/ Ulker, Dogus Darussafaka proved that it can be a title contender in TBL and we asked one of its stars, Jamon Gordon, about his current situation, his club, his ambitions and his long European experience

By Nikos Varlas/ varlas@eurohoops.net

After a road win against Fenerbahce/ Ulker, Dogus Darussafaka proved what it was expected from the club. This team, led by coach Oktay Mahmuti, can be a title contender in TBL and we asked one of its stars, Jamon Gordon, about his current situation, his club, his ambitions and his long European experience. Here’s what he had to say about himself, Darussafaka’s goals, the Euroleague, the he misses, his past and his future dreams.

– Do you think that this season the TBL is more competitive than ever? Even more than the Spanish League?

“I think it’s better this year because of the rule change. There is better coaching coming to the league. I don’t know if its better than the Spanish league just yet because they have two teams that are always fighting for a Euroleague title and that’s a huge advantage to me”.

Fenerbahce and Efes Anadolu have Zoc and Duda and they are regarded as the main favorites for the championship title alongside with a group of teams like yours. Do you believe that Darussafaka can go all the way till the end of the road and win the league at the playoffs? Is this possible?

“I think each team has a great chance to win the championship this year. Fener and Efes are the favorite right now, but things can change so fast in a basketball season. Then there are still teams like Banvit and Karsiyaka that will play good at the end of the season. I think we have a great chance of winning the Turkish League this year. If we stick together, stay healthy and listen to the game plan our coaches are giving us, I believe everything will workout good for us”.

– How do you feel not being member of Euroleague for the first time since 2008-2009? Do you miss it?

“For me not playing in the Euroleague is still kind of different and having to wait once a week for a game is kind of hard for me. I miss the games on the road, the big crowds and going against the other top level players in Europe that’s in my position. I feel like I made the right choice and its something that I got to live with. I love playing for this club and with my teammates. But I hate watching the games on TV it’s driving me crazy”.

– You have played basketball in many countries and teams. Which is your favorite team to play for and which the best city for living?

“Marousi was my favorite team that I played on because we were dealing with a lot of money problems the entire year. We found some ways to win games when nobody else thought we had a chance. All the stuff we were dealing with off the court made us a great team and friends on and off the court. I could never forget the time I spent at Spilt, Galatasaray, Olympiakos and Efes because each team taught me a lot and I have great respect for each club and their fans. Playing in Athens was great for me because I love the passion they have for basketball and how serious they take it there and their country is beautiful. But Istanbul is like my second home, my first year out of college was in Turkey and I have spent the last 4 years here so I feel like this is the best place for me and my career”.

– Pick your three best ever teammates…

“1) Zabian Dowdell my college teammate and roommate for 4 years we are like brothers. 2.) Billy Keys without him In Marousi, I don’t know if I would have stayed in Europe this long, and 3.) Kostas Kaimakoglou he was the best captain I’ve ever had on any team or at any level”.

– You are a part of the top level of European Basketball for all the past seasons. Which is the best player in Euroleague and your top5 from 2010 until now?

“That’s a hard choice because some of the best players I played against are retied but I would go with Teodosic or Diamantidis in the point, at shooting guard Spanoulis or Langford, at “3” Siskauskas. at “4” Kirilenko and at “5” M.Batiste”.

– Can you remember your scoring record in college and also in your entire pro career?

“I think my best game in college was about 24 points against Maryland and I had 24 points against Barcelona my first year in Euroleague. That game kind of changed my career”.

– Which is the biggest basketball dream and expectation of Jamon?

“My biggest dream is to play in the NBA one day. I’m getting older now, so I may have to let that dream go”

– Who was the most difficult opponent you have ever guarded?

“Gilbert Arenas. I went to training camp with the Wizard my first year out of college and it was nothing I could do or anybody could do to stop him. On one on one he was almost unstoppable.

– If you had the chance to choose what would you prefer? A Euroleague title or a guarantee one year contract with a NBA Team?

“I would pick a Euroleague title just because of the fact you have the sense of winning something. I would do anything to win a championship title at any level because it’s something you can live with for the rest of your life”.