Kostas Antetokounmpo talks dreams of playing in the Greek NT with his brothers

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Antigoni Zachari

30/May/19 10:54


Eurohoops caught up with Kostas Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee and he expressed his wish for the Antetokounmpo family to play in unison for the Greek NT.

By Nikos Varlas / varlas@eurohoops.net

MILWAUKEE — If there’s something you need to know about the Antetokounmpos, it’s the special bond they have between them. Dallas Mavericks‘ Kostas Antetokounmpo talks about Giannis, his dream to play with his brothers in the Greek NT and more on Eurohoops.

Giannis means everything for us. The way he has changed our lives is incredible, I can’t even explain it. The love he receives from all over the world, how humble he is. The people in Milwaukee show love to his brothers and mother. They show love to our family and I’m grateful. We wouldn’t be here without their love.

When I was younger, it was a dream to play in the National Team with all of my brothers. Now I think it’s possible. When Alex grows a bit older, I think we will all be part of the national team and we want to win a medal with Greece.

Kostas Antetokounmpo also opened up about the Dallas Mavericks with Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic:

Dirk’s passion for the game was something special. He worked in defense, in shooting. At his age, you would expect him to be tired and slow, but that’s not the case. When he bid him goodbye he was crying. He loves the game and everyone in Dallas loves him.

Doncic is one of the most talented players I’ve ever seen. He played in Real Madrid since he was 15 and this experience is not something you can learn. He is smart, he knows the game. His talent is fretful. As time goes by, he will become better. I don’t think Luka is not athletic, he is fast. He’s not Dennis Smith Jr., but that’s okay!