Video-Blog: The first Greek? It’s the first time I hear about it!

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Antigoni Zachari

25/May/17 15:22

Kostas Sloukas became the first Greek player in history to win the EuroLeague both with a Greek team (Olympiacos) as well as a foreign one (Fenerbahce).

After the final, when he had already made history, he wasn’t even aware of it and he found out about it from Eurohoops! We asked him if he knew and his reaction (you can see the puzzlement on his face) was characteristic.

“No, it’s the first time I hear about it! The truth is that I’ve experienced such big moments in the past with Olympiacos. And it’s true that I’ve been nurtured by Olympiacos’s mentality. At this point, I feel like it’s the first time I win the EuroLeague. I feel proud that I’ve achieved something so important. Now I’m also part of Fenerbahce’s history, as they became the first Turkish team to win the EuroLeague.

Not even in my dreams did I expect to play a final against a Greek team and Olympiacos in specific. I’ve been thinking for two days about how I was going to be and how I was going to react. I’ve experienced great moments with that team, but I’ve said it so many times that it’s becoming quaint, that there is no place for friendship on the court. We were lucky. We played smart, we had Udoh, Bogdanovic and Kalinic on a great night and the scales tipped in our favor.”

How does he comment on whether and how much he celebrated during the game, once the title had been decided?

“I wasn’t thinking about whether I was going to celebrate or not, I wanted to be focused on the game and do what my team and coach ask of me. I’m happy that, in the end, it was us who won and celebrated.”

What is Kostas Sloukas thinking after his third European title?

“I’m thinking we should close the season in the best possible way and win the championship in Turkey. Everything’s open. I feel good in Fener, any talks are going to take place in the summer.”