Memphis finished the upset

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Aris Barkas

04/May/13 16:57

Four play offs series concluded on Friday night in the NBA with Memphis Grizzlies being the only team which advanced so far in the second round without having the home court advantage. Omer Asik had a double double in his last game of the season

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Four teams advanced to NBA playoffs round 2 on Friday night with a 4-2 score, but only Memphis qualified despite not having the home court advantage. The Grizlies beat the Clippers as Marc Gasol with 10 points and 7 rebounds once more had a good game for his team. The Knicks beat on the road the Celtics (88-80), OKC did the same in Houston as Serge Ibaka (10 p. 7 r., 2 bl.) and Thabo Sefolosa (3 p., 2 r., 2 as.) helped their team against one more double double by Omer Asik (13 p., 13 r.). Also the Pacers beat the Hawks on the road as Ian Mahimni got 3 rebounds for the winners and Johan Petro had 4 points and 6 rebounds for the losing side.


NBA Playoffs 2012-2013 – Game 6

Atlanta Hawks

73 – 81

Indiana Pacers

Memphis Grizzlies

118 – 105

Los Angeles Clippers

Boston Celtics

80 – 88

New York Knicks

Houston Rockets

94 – 103

Oklahoma City Thunder