No suspensions issued following Hackett and Teodosic’s altercation with Olimpia Milano fans

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Nikola Miloradovic

12/Jun/23 16:18

The Sports Judge has reached a decision regarding the events that unfolded during Game 2 of the Legabasket finals between Virtus Bologna and Olimpia Milano, with fines being imposed on those involved

By Eurohoops Team/

Olimpia Milano secured their second victory in the Legabasket finals against Virtus Segafredo Bologna. However, after the match, incidents occurred involving Olimpia’s fans and Virtus’ players Milos Teodosic and Daniel Hackett.

The Sports Judge’s ruling on the matter resulted in a one-day disqualification for Olimpia Milano‘s court, as well as  for Milos Teodosic and Daniel Hackett. Instead of suspensions, all parties involved were fined, with Olimpia Milano fined 12,000 euros and each player 3,000 euros.

The incident involved physical contact between Teodosic, Hackett, and the fans, leading to their teammates becoming involved as well. Additionally, insults were hurled at the players from the stands.

The series will now move to Bologna, with Olimpia holding a 2-0 advantage as they strive to defend their title.