Luca Banchi praised Sergio Scariolo after winning the Italian Supercup

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Cesare Milanti

24/Sep/23 21:14

The Italian head coach won his first trophy on Virtus Bologna’s bench

By Cesare Milanti /

BRESCIA, Italy – Destroying the hosts 97-60 in Brescia’s PalaLeonessa, Virtus Bologna conquered the third straight Italian Supercup, winning the first trophy of the season. Of course, this is also Luca Banchi’s first trophy after being appointed head coach a little more than a week ago.

In the post-game press conference after winning his first trophy as Virtus Bologna’s head coach, the 58-year-old praised the Spanish national team’s leader, whom he replaced after the 2023 FIBA World Cup. “I feel the duty to say thank you to who preceded me, Sergio Scariolo, who clearly has great merit for the games we played here, for having contributed to set up and to prepare the work of this team”, Luca Banchi first commented.

The Latvian national team’s head coach went on thanking those who surrounded him since day one. “From the first day, the club put me in the position to be welcomed and to perceive the desire to excel which is felt here. I have simply tried not to slow down this flow and impulse, I hope that in these two days, we have been able to show a good level of cohesion and performance. Now we enjoy the moment and already look into the future”, he added.

“This is a healthy group, with an important listening ability and widespread basketball leadership, with many experienced players, accustomed to playing to win trophies. They know how to approach moments like this”, Luca Banchi said before touching on the difficulties a long season with several duties puts you against. “This group seems to have the spirit of sacrifice: we hope to keep it because this will be a season of peaks, as is tradition for those who play the Euroleague”, Luca Banchi added.

To conclude the post-game press conference, the former Olimpia Milano and Mens Sana Siena head coach gave the example of Chus Mateo. “There is no exemption. Real Madrid won the Euroleague last year, it’s a protagonist in ACB and is a resounding team, but there have been a lot of talks about the coach’s dismissal. There is no team that doesn’t have peaks of downs, so we have to build here and store sensations that will become valuable in the future”, he finally stated.

PHOTO CREDIT: Virtus Segafredo Bologna