Pyrrhic victory for Olimpia Milano in the derby

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Antonis Stroggylakis

18/Jan/16 23:13

Another problem made its appearance to frustrate the team.

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In a battle that could have belonged to Eurocup territory, Milano bested Trento to stay at the top of of the standings. The difference between the two teams’ numbers from behind the arc (12/30 for Milano, 4/23 for Trento) had an obvious impact in the game, which belonged to the hosts right from the start. However this match left a sour taste to the mouth of the people in Milano, since Jasmin Repesa saw the captain of his squad, Alessandro Gentile, getting injured again and leaving the court, never to return in this game, from the mid of the first half.

Reggio Emilia keeps company to Milano keeping back all worthy, yet futile, attempts that Torino made for a possible surprise. The one that was close to make a strong roadkill, was Sassari, but Elston Turner’s appetites could only be savored by…. taking strong, and lethal, bites of the Sardinians’ flesh that gave Cremona the win. Sassari is tied with Venezia at the fourth place of the standings now, having Cremona and Pistoia above them.

Serie A 2015/2016 – Week 16

Olimpia Armani Milano (Milan Macvan 24 points, 10 rebounds) – Trento: 83-79

Reggia Caserta –  Varese (Maalik Wayns 28 points): 70-77

Vanoli Cremona (Elston Turner 28 points)- Sassari: 73-72

Reyer Venezia (Mike Green 21 points –  Bologna: 73-69

Cantù (Walter Hodge 18 points, 6 assists) – Capo d’Orlando: 84-56

Reggio Emilia (Stefano Gentile 18 points, 4 assists) – Torino: 77-72

Enel Brindisi –  Pistoia (Preston Knowles 19 points, 8 rebounds): 67-71

Pesaro – Avellino (James Nunnaly 18 points): 82 – 88