Back to back EuroLeague title, then the decision

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Aris Barkas

20/Mar/17 11:20

Milos Teodosic returns to his official blog on at… the right time! Just before the season enters the final stretch and the big games that determine goals and titles get under way.

The best playmaker outside of the NBA and one of the best in the world – all the GMs in the NBA have the same view! – writes about the challenges ahead, the importance of… being healthy, CSKA’s goals, but also about the summer.

Which, once again, is going to be “full” for him and this time very crucial and a focal point for his career as well. He’s a free agent, the NBA is on his mind so intensely for the first time (obviously because the teams of the NBA are so preoccupied with him) and he has a very difficult decision to make, at 30 years of age.

NBA or Europe? Even he doesn’t know yet. What’s certain is that, for the first time, he’s thinking about the possibility of moving to the USA very seriously, but in Europe, CSKA comes first.

The Back2back is a difficult but clear target!

Hello! The regular season of the EuroLeague is nearing the end and all the big teams are getting ready physically and mentally for the playoffs and the big battles that are coming! We’re doing the same in CSKA. It remains to be seen in which place we’re going to finish. It’s important, but it’s not everything.

What concerns us, regardless of the opponent and the order in which they emerge, is to be 100% ready on all levels and be healthy, and all of us together. The team has the quality and now the chemistry, the automatisms, a body of players that have been together for years and know how to work together on the court. These are very important elements and I believe that we can be in the Final Four once again!

There, where anything can happen. CSKA’s goals are known, they’re no secret. We really want to achieve what we did last year and keep the team at the top. It’s always harder to stay at the top than it is to get there. Everyone wants to beat us, everyone wants to take our place.

We, united and determined, are going to do everything in our power to achieve the Back2back. This is something everyone at the club wants badly! This is what we think about, this is what we want, this is the goal for which we are going to give everything we have. Then, we’re going to think about the VTB, which is as important for us, and we have to hold on to the reigns. Like coach Itoudis tells us, we look at each day, each training session, each game separately and this is the approach with which we are going to take stock in the end!

I had a hard time, but that’s part of the program

Personally, I’ve been afflicted by some injuries this year and I had to miss some games, something that I really don’t like and am not used to. But I understand that the season is very long now with the new format of the EuroLeague and I’m a player who has been playing nonstop since the summer of 2007 in my country’s national team as well.

The games are too many, in the summer the days I have to rest are few and so it’s normal that problems might occur. I try to deal with them, I follow the advice and programs of the team’s staff and what’s most important for me is to be in good shape when I have to! All the teams deal with injuries and all players who have a heavy schedule go through this process. Now I feel well, I work on my body and I look forward to the big games!

The free agency, the NBA, the EuroBasket and the message to Jokic!

Many of you ask me about my future and my personal blog on Eurohoops is the right place for me to share my thoughts with you. First of all, until the season is over I don’t want to think about anything else other than winning all the titles for the second season in a row with CSKA Moscow.

Then, as a free agent, I’m going to think and decide about my future, after first thoroughly examining all the prospects that I have. On March 19 I became 30 years of age and I know this is going to be a key decision for my career.

It’s true that I’m seriously thinking about the possibility of the NBA, but nothing has transpired yet, and nothing will until the summer. I’ve said before that, in order for me to go to the USA, a team has to meet both my competitive ambitions – which is the most important thing – and everything that has to do with the financial aspect as well as the aspect of the length of my contract.

I’m happy when I see Europeans and especially Serbians excelling in the NBA and, naturally, I’m very excited about everything my teammate in the national team and my friend, Nikola Jokic, has been doing there for months!

I saw his interview too when he was in the All Star Game and everything he said about me and I thank him very much! Keep amazing them and showing your class, Nikola. The future is yours!

In Europe, CSKA is my team, they’ve trusted me for so many years and they will always come first in Europe. CSKA is the team I’m going to speak with first.

This summer is going to be thrilling… Because, apart from the decision that I have to make, there is the EuroBasket with the Serbian national team, for which I am and always will be available!

I’ve experienced extraordinary emotions with this team, but I want more… Our whole generation, all of us on the national team feel that we have a lot more to offer and give new joys both to the people and ourselves.

Of course, there’s also the #Teo4 Basketball Camp! The second summer of camps that are going to be held at our facilities is coming up and they are going to be divided into 6 periods from June 23 to August 10! You can learn about everything through our official website and I’ll be waiting for you this summer to play basketball together!

Be well everybody, Milos

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