French Federation president: Euroleague is governed in a lamentable way

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Stefan Djordjevic

25/Nov/21 17:49

French Federation President Jean-Pierre Siutat has been very displeased with the way EuroLeague has been handling the calendar, without any concern whatsoever for the national teams

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The long-lasting stalemate between Euroleague and FIBA when it comes to the calendar, which has made it near impossible for the Euroleague players to compete for their national teams in the FIBA windows, has come into the spotlight once again.

The president of the French Basketball Federation Jean-Pierre Siutat expressed his discontent with the way Euroleague handled the schedule, especially so when it comes to the last week of November.

Specifically, Euroleague put the duel between AS Monaco and LDLC ASVEL, the two French clubs of the competition, on November 26th at 20:00 CET. The problem arose because the French national team will play the same night, only half an hour later against Montenegro. And, according to the federation president, the clubs had asked for a change but the request was denied.

“This is not the first time and it is lamentable, especially since the two clubs had requested a change of date. This would have made it possible to have additional players from ASVEL and/or Monaco. This could not happen in football unless the (in)famous Superleague was born. For the consequences, those who know all the facts, can comment. But those who do not know do not understand anything. If we would have played the match on Thursday, the Euroleague would have put Monaco – ASVEL on Thursday. How sad. And for what gain? Who exactly wins in all of this? As much as I have always said that I had nothing against the Euroleague competition, of great quality, the way in which it is governed is, I repeat it, lamentable,” Siutat told L’Equipe.

Siutat also noted that there were other teams that asked for a change in schedule and expressed the wish to make it more flexible (German clubs, according to L’Equipe) but Euroleague has continued to give negative answers.

“Since the windows have existed, the Euroleague has always put matches at the same time in its calendar. In the case of this window, other clubs had requested, like France, a modification. There is an increasingly general desire to make this situation more flexible. But the Euroleague continues to say no, unilaterally. So I ask: Who is in charge? Jordi Bertomeu? Someone else? Who refused? And why? I hope that things can evolve with the new governance.”